Cisco Systems

Cisco Meraki Cloud

Meraki cloud-managed switches include features for streamlining the work of the network engineer, from deployment to security to troubleshooting.

Cloud Managed

  • Configure switches without staging, from anywhere on any device with a web browser and an internet connection.

Flexible Stacking

  • Simultaneously configure thousands of ports across standalone and physically stacked switches, regardless of location.

Layer 7 Visibility

  • Meraki switches make is easy to understand how valuable network resources are being used.

Layer 3 Scalability

  • Build large, resilient networks using dynamic routing protocols and warm spare technology.

Voice and Video QoS

  • Give latency sensitive applications the priority and bandwidth they deserve with configurable QoS.

Network Topology

  • View the network in real-time, showing devices and their connections and even monitor network-wide health.

Remote Live Tools

  • Powerful tools for identifying and correcting issues, even from thousands of miles away.

Enterprise Security

  • Protect the wired network from both external and internal threats.

Try cloud managed switches and experience a new generation of networking.