The combined cost of hacking to American companies is estimated at $15.4 million.  The damage to the US economy as a whole is estimated to be $100 billion.  Trust Nova Voice & Data Systems to handle your cyber security - we are Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), the most globally recognized standard in computer security.

you may be compromised right now

Cryptolocker-like ransomware programs like the famous "WannaCry" often work in the background, silently encrypting your computer files for hours or even days without alerting you or your anti-virus program, then striking when they've successfully copied and locked access to your data.  You may be compromised right now and not know it.


a multi-layered approach

Hackers have become increasingly sophisticated in their attacks and having a good firewall or good anti-virus is no longer enough to safeguard your business.  Nova Voice & Data Systems takes a multi-layered approach that includes password policy, encrypted email, patch management, data backup, enterprise-grade anti-virus, and intrusion detection and prevention systems.


In the event that all cyber defenses fail, having a comprehensive backup and recovery plan can take the pain out of data breaches.  Managed backup through Nova Voice & Data Systems allows you to be quickly back up and running even when your systems have been hacked.



How do you secure your IT resources? We talk about a few policies that will help secure your network.